A Key Chain You Won't Want To Be Without

The way you carry your keys is about to change forever. Discover a new way to manage your keys with the SimplifiKeychain. We've made a key chain that is different from any other, as it is simple in design and effortless to use. 


Your key chain experience will be simplified in two major ways. First, you'll notice that replacing or adding keys to the SimplifiKeychain is easy and effortless. There are no key rings, screws, washers, or tools needed.

Secondly, you'll see that keys are easy to identify, as the SimplifiKeychain allows keys to be fanned out like a deck of cards. This makes locating a certain key simple and quick. SimplifiKeychain is compact and equipped with a secure clip, making it convenient to carry with you any way you'd like, and wherever you go.

Important Keys

SimplifiKeychain holds only a limited amount of keys, so make sure that you are carrying only the keys needed. SimplifiKeychain consists of:

1) The Spring 2) The Clip 3) The Sliding Key

Assembling these three parts is fast and easy. Our clip/key holder part can be exchanged to modify the key chain's size to suit your needs for more or fewer keys.

Key Ring

How It Works

1) Fan your keys out like a deck of cards. You should be able to recognize the key you need, as your keys are organized in order.
2) Fold the rest of your keys back into the key chain, leaving only the key you need sticking out towards the front.
3) When you've finished using your key, fold it back into the key chain.